Honey Cowl is oh so sweet!

Well, I finished my cowl and it’s very soft and warm. I made this cowl taller than my other ones because after you wear them for a few hours, they sort of “fall” and scrunch down. I chose this yarn because of all the different colors in it so it should go nice with the variety of sweaters and turtlenecks I have.

Honey cowl being worn

Modeling Honey Cowl

Here it is lying flat. I used a seed stitch border instead of a ribbed border for something different.

Honey cowl

Honey cowl in Berroco’s Borealis


  • 1 1/2 skeins of Berroco’s Borealis (3.5 oz/100 g and 108 yds)
  • Fiber content is 60% acrylic and 40% wool
  • Color number is 5099 “Dalvik”
  • Size 10 needles
  • 20″ Addi cable
  • Cast on 100 stitches.

Can’t knit fast enough!

Ok, I’ve finished a basic pair of 64-stitch socks and have started the Honey Cowl from MadelineTosh using Berroco’s Borealis chunky yarn. I’m also working on another test project for a new design I’m working on but my brain keeps thinking of new things I want to knit. I only have two hands I tell myself!

With the cold weather, it’s nice to be inside and knit with my coffee and soft music from Kevin Kern. Maybe because I’m relaxed, my brain is thinking of all the different things I could be knitting!!

Updated 02-Feb-2014: Here is my finished cowl.