Let’s go on an Expedition!

Last August, I started design my first asymetrical shawl on our expedition to Stitches Midwest 2016. It’s a fairly large shape sized about 59 by 42 inches. It has very easy garter stitch sections alternating with a lace section based on the Elfin lace stitch in Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries. 

The pattern has been test knit and is available for purchase here on Ravelry.  The colors, Sugar Plum and Gray, used are my own dyed yarn available in my Etsy store

The pattern is named Expedition for a few reasons.  First, I was in a car riding to a great destitute and second, when it was done and blocked,  the stripes looked like roads or highways.  The pattern is easy to customize by stopping short or continuing on.  Solids or tonal yarns work best to let the lace design show through. 

I can’t wait to see what colorways folks use in their shawls. 


Swirling Ridges Cowl Released

I wanted to share my latest design that I’ve published in Ravelry today.  It’s called the Swirling Ridges Cowl and is a lacy and lightweight accessory.  It’s got a very easy-to-remember pattern and the unique thing is that despite you thinking it’s going to run vertical, the design slants to the right.  Go figure!

Swirling Ridges Cowl

Modeling Swirling Ridges Cowl

 Swirling Ridges Cowl

Flat on the table

I’ve found some yarn in my stash and am thinking about making another cowl but making it longer so I can wrap it around my neck.