Sneak Peak at my new shawl

Over the past few years, I’ve designed socks, cowls and fair isle hats.  One thing that has been on my “bucket” list of things to do someday was to design an asymmetrical shawl. I started this in August 2016, when I was traveling to and from the Stitches Midwest conference and I finally finished it last week.  It uses two skeins of sock yarn in contrasting colors.

I was very good to take notes and a stitch count every row.  Yes, it was somewhat tedious but I’m really glad that I did because it’s making the actual writing of the pattern much easier.

Here are some photos.

I am in the process of actually writing the pattern and hope to be able to have it ready to post for test knitters on Ravelry’s Free Pattern Testers forum.  If you’re interested and are a Ravelry member, then contact me at the top of this site or private message me on Ravelry (username is mom2bsa) and I’ll contact you when it’s ready for test knitting.



Swirling Ridges Cowl Released

I wanted to share my latest design that I’ve published in Ravelry today.  It’s called the Swirling Ridges Cowl and is a lacy and lightweight accessory.  It’s got a very easy-to-remember pattern and the unique thing is that despite you thinking it’s going to run vertical, the design slants to the right.  Go figure!

Swirling Ridges Cowl

Modeling Swirling Ridges Cowl

 Swirling Ridges Cowl

Flat on the table

I’ve found some yarn in my stash and am thinking about making another cowl but making it longer so I can wrap it around my neck.